2020 Dartmouth Night

President Hanlon addresses the Dartmouth community during virtual Dartmouth Night festivities as part of 2020 Homecoming.

Welcome fellow alumni and students, and especially members of the Class of 2024!  The connections between us have sustained Dartmouth for more than two hundred fifty years. And this night – Dartmouth Night – is all about recognizing and celebrating those bonds. Thank you all for helping to maintain this cherished tradition.

This year we will miss the opportunity to gather in person, to witness the inspiration and spectacle of the bonfire, and to cheer on our athletic teams in competition this weekend. But at the heart of these traditions is our celebration of the strength of the Dartmouth Fellowship. And no pandemic can squelch that!

As racial injustice, inequality and the Pandemic threaten the health, cohesion and prosperity of our nation, we depend even more on the Dartmouth spirit that binds us together. A spirit that brings us fortitude and resilience! In the face of all this adversity, we come together as a Dartmouth family with courage, determination and strength. A spirit that highlights our loyalty…to the College and to each other. And most importantly, a spirit that drives us to compassion and caring for those who are struggling.

So whether you're an alumni watching from home or a student here in Hanover, I ask you to remember how special it is to be part of this Dartmouth community...to carry the Dartmouth spirit with you, now and forever…and to support one another in ways that matter. We join together tonight to celebrate our commitment to each other, a commitment that makes the Dartmouth Fellowship unstoppable as we together work to make the world a better place. Please watch as our student athletes stand together as one.