Violence and Lawlessness at the U.S. Capitol

To the Dartmouth community,

Like so many of you, I watched with shock and sadness as lawlessness consumed the U.S. Capitol on what should have been a day of great symbolic importance for American democracy. As president of Dartmouth, I condemn the violent disruption of the democratic process. This unprecedented and reprehensible attack on the peaceful transfer of power undermines the foundation of our government and the verified results of our federal election. I believe--and I hope more than ever--that it is a reverence for the sanctity of our democratic process that unites us, not the result of any one election that divides us. Now is the time we must come together in the best interest of the nation.

As the Dartmouth community begins another academic term, we are reminded of the importance of vigorous debate, the respectful exchange of ideas, and the elevation of facts and data. These are the tasks of institutions of higher learning and they will be essential for moving our country forward together.


Philip J. Hanlon '77