Our historic run

President Hanlon sends a final note of thanks to the Dartmouth community at the conclusion of his presidency.

Fellow members of the Dartmouth Family,
On my last day as president, I simply want to offer thanks to all of you for supporting me –  and challenging me – in that role over these last 10 years. We have accomplished so much thanks in large part, to all of you, who care deeply for Dartmouth as Gail and I do.
You have brought energy, creativity, and commitment to the work of advancing this institution.  With academic excellence in service to the world as our north star, we have been a part of a truly historic run. All of us can be proud that together, we have advanced the quality and impact of our core academic work more over the past decade than in any other in the history of the institution.

You should also take pride in knowing that all we have achieved together will launch us towards an even brighter future under the able leadership of President Beilock. President Jim Freedman captured this moment perfectly when he said, "Dartmouth is, I believe, a ship on the voyage out, the best parts of its passage still ahead."  

It's been the honor of my lifetime to lead my alma mater over these last 10 years because I owe so much to Dartmouth. My time at the College opened my eyes, elevated my spirit and set me up with lifetime friendships, just as I'm sure it's done for each of you.

And I'm happy to say that this is not a goodbye, but rather a farewell for now, as I'll be back after a year-long sabbatical to return to what I love most – teaching – as a member of our distinguished faculty, working alongside colleagues in the Dartmouth math department.

Gail and I were so touched to be awarded Honorary Degrees at Commencement today and look forward to staying in touch with all of you, our truly amazing Dartmouth family, and to seeing many of you upon our return. Until then, we wish you and your families a fun-filled summer and a year of hope, optimism and learning ahead.