Nathan Lord

President, 1828-1863

The relative brevity of the Dana and Tyler administrations was more than offset by the long tenure of President Nathan Lord. A graduate of Bowdoin College and a Congregational minister, Lord remained at the helm of Dartmouth College for 35 years, longer than any president except John Wheelock. Lord was an independent thinker, an athlete and a strict disciplinarian. He is said to have preached scripture from memory, unbeknownst to his audience to whom his eyes were always camouflaged by dark glasses. Lord was also a prodigious fund raiser, establishing the College's first alumni association and securing $50,000 in a general solicitation that enabled Dartmouth to build Thornton and Wentworth Halls, the two Greek Revival buildings flanking Dartmouth Hall.

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Portrait Artist & Donor Information

Joseph Greenleaf Cole, Nathan Lord, 1830
Oil on canvas
Hood Museum of Art
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fairbanks, Class of 1886
Hood Museum Object Number: P.939.16.2