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Who Speaks and Who Listens in College Classrooms

Jennifer Jiwon Lee '17 and Associate Professor of Sociology Janice McCabe discuss their research on gendered participation and explore implications for teaching.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Zoom - Please register to receive link.
Intended Audience(s): Faculty, Postdoc, Public, Staff, Students-Graduate, Students-Undergraduate

Almost 40 years ago, scholars identified a “chilly climate” for women in college classrooms. To examine whether this chilly climate persists for women in contemporary college classrooms, Jennifer Jiwon Lee '17 and Associate Professor of Sociology Janice McCabe observed nine Dartmouth classrooms across multiple disciplines. Their findings, published recently in Gender & Society, reflect that men speak 1.6 times as often as women, interrupt, use assertive language, and engage in prolonged conversations during class more than women.

In this session, Lee and McCabe will discuss their research and explore implications for teaching, including interventions and structures that instructors can use to alter gender status hierarchies in their classrooms.

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