Presidential Faculty Lectures

The Presidential Faculty Lecture series was established in 1987 by Dartmouth's 15th President, James O. Freedman, to honor the contributions of outstanding members of the Dartmouth faculty, and to give the Dartmouth community an annual opportunity to learn from a faculty member who is passionately involved in a significant area of specialized research.

Past Speakers

A complete list of speakers who have been selected to give a Presidential Faculty Lecture can be found below. Check out the videos of many of the recent lectures to appreciate the depth and breadth of expertise across the Dartmouth faculty. The annual Presidential Faculty Lecture is open to the public and is publicized, in advance, on the Dartmouth Events Calendar.

2020 - 2023 Temporarily suspended

2019 - Robyn Millan (Physics & Astronomy) (Watch video)

2018 - Susan Brison (Philosophy) (Watch video)                       

2017 - Tillman Gerngross (Thayer School of Engineering) (Watch video)

2016 - Lisa Marsh (Geisel School of Medicine) (Watch video)

2015 - Nina Pavcnik (Economics) (Watch video)

2014 - Jason Moore (Geisel School of Medicine) (Watch video)

2013 - Punam Anand Keller (Tuck School of Business) (Watch video)

2012 - Theodore Levin (Music) (Watch video)

2011 - Lynn Higgins (French and Italian) (Watch video)

2010 - Event not held

2009 - Don Pease (English, MALS) (Watch video)

2008 - Mary Lou Guerinot (Biological Sciences)

2007 - Ron Green (Religion)

2006 - Elsa Garmire (Thayer School of Engineering)

2005 - Colin Calloway (History)

2004 - Ethan Dimitrovsky (Dartmouth Medical School)

2003 - Daniela Rus (Computer Science)

2002 - Vjay Govindarajan (Tuck School of Business)

2001 - Hans Penner (Religion)

2000 - Linda Fowler (Government)

1999 - Jonathan Skinner (Economics)

1998 - William T. Wickner, M.D. (Dartmouth Medical School)

1997 - William C. Scott (Classics)

1996 - Constance E. Brinckerhoff, Ph.D. (Dartmouth Medical School)

1995 - Charles Wood (History)

1994 - Graham Wallis (Engineering)

1993 - Blanche Gelfant (English)

1992 - Robert J. Fogelin (Philosophy)

1991 - John E. Wennberg, M.D. (Dartmouth Medical School)

1990 - Mary C. Kelley (History)

1989 - Errol G. Hill (Drama)

1988 - Walter H. Stockmayer (Chemistry)