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Don’t Say No! A  Mathematician’s Journey into Human Rights

A travelogue of mathematics intertwined with human rights has been my professional life. https://math.dartmouth.edu/activities/special-events/

Wednesday, April 7, 2021
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Intended Audience(s): Public
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Don't Say No!  A Mathematician's Journey into Human Rights

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 7PM.   https://api.dartgo.org/marygrayzoomlink

A travelogue of mathematics intertwined with human rights has been my professional life.  How did I move from my childhood in Nebraska to using my skills on six continents? Trained in abstract mathematics, I switched to statistics and later to the law, seeking  I told myself, a way to use my knowledge to make the world a better place, meanwhile making it more interesting for me. What motivated me to tackle the fortress of the mathematical establishment, the kingdom of actuaries, the assorted violators of human rights?  What has proved useful in my quests?  No matter how interesting what I might be doing, the opportunity to do more lured me on.  It seems I rarely resisted the prospect of using for a good cause what I knew or could learn. But at the same time, I had to recognize and avoid the ethically questionable and the just time-wasting tasks.

Mary Gray, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at American University, researches and applies statistics and law to address human rights and equity throughout the world.  Early in her career, she co-founded and served as first president of the Association for Women in Mathematics.  She served as Treasurer of Amnesty International and currently serves on the Board of Advisers of POMED (Project on Middle East Democracy) and as Chair of the Board of Directors of AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational and Training Services).    Among her many honors, she received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Engineering and Mathematics Mentoring, the Karl E. Peace Award for Outstanding Statistical Contributions for the Betterment of Society, and honorary degrees from three institutions. 

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