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'23 New Music Festival: Eli Berman Trio, Golematriarchy (performance)

An exaltation of queer, diasporic Jewish power through music, dance and sacred texts.

Saturday, April 8, 2023
9:00pm – 9:45pm
Roth Center
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Arts, Performances, Spiritual & Worship
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Golematriarchy is a 30-45 minute ritual exploration of Music, Dance and Jewish Studies, created and composed by Eli Berman in collaboration with her improvising colleagues. The ensemble will create new music weaving together khazonus (Ashkenazi Jewish cantorial singing), extended vocal techniques, and experimental electronic dance music in Yiddish, Hebrew and English. During a historic moment of globally rising antisemitism and transphobia, Golematriarchy is an exaltation of queer, diasporic Jewish power. The golem is a Jewish proto-robot made of inorganic material and animated by sacred texts to perform tasks on behalf of its creator. Over the last four months, Berman has been creating her own golems in the form of speaker-creatures, a prototypical collection of DIY speakers and electro-acoustic wearable extensions of the vocal tract. In collaboration with these speaker-creatures, the performers will dance on the edges of the human/machine, voice/drum, and sound/word to unearth ancestral rage and matriarchal wisdom.

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