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Ash Fure & Adam Fure The Force of Things an Opera for Objects

A sonic installation that rumbles with the impact of climate change. Performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble

Thursday, January 13, 2022
7:30pm – 9:00pm
Hopkins Center 114 Moore Theater
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Arts, Performances
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Composer/architect sibling duo Ash and Adam Fure gesture towards the gravity of ecological collapse in this immersive, mind-widening experience. Audience members enter into a field of sculpted matter ringed by speakers sounding waveforms too low for human ears. Though resonating outside our auditory boundaries, this choir of subwoofers sends ripples of energy that tremble through and pulsate the material world of the piece. Two singers snake side-by-side amidst the audience, shouting a warning that sounds like a whisper in a language no one can understand. A palpable sense of urgency permeates the space and yet it's also eerily still, as if the timescales are off, as if some future frantic state reaches us only in slow motion. Both visually arresting and sonically intense, The Force of Things: an Opera for Objects operates outside language, offering in place of story a cathartic communal experience that invites audiences to slow down into the urgencies around and inside us, together.

This large-scale interdisciplinary performance of The Force of Things at the Hop will be the flagship venture of Archiving the Immersive: a tactical research project aimed at expanding access to experiential art. Initiated by Ash Fure, the project is the recipient of Dartmouth's Scholarly Innovation and Advancement Award and builds on research partnerships with the University of Michigan's Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning. By combining binaural, vector-based audio recording; cinematic sensory ethnography techniques; embedded media asset scores and XR strategies that allow for virtual navigation of architectural structures, this multipronged archival approach will invite audiences inside the show and under-the-hood of cutting-edge artistic experiences. 

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